Digital X-Rays Are A Win-Win

It may not be hard to find a family dental practice that offers digital dental x-rays during dental checkups; as more and more dentists have adopted this latest dental technology for detecting cavities and other dental problems. As a patient, you may view digital x-rays as simply a safer form of x-rays for your family and one that emits a much lower does of radiation. This is certainly true, as it can actually reduce radiation exposure by up to 80% compared to traditional film x-rays. This makes your radiation exposure extremely minimal because conventional x-rays have already been revised to produce lower amounts of radiation for patient safety.

What you may not realize, however, is that beyond a safety advantage, digital dental x-rays can significantly improve your dental care. The benefit of digital x-rays for patient and dentist is mutual. Your dentist gains an easier method to x-ray patients, improved image accuracy as well as a streamlined form of storage and filing.

Unlike conventional x-ray methods, digital technology allows the use of color contrasting to produce a much clearer and precise image of your teeth. This often results in a much more accurate diagnosis. Dental problems can also be detected and treated much earlier. In addition, digital x-rays are instantly viewable to your dentist, making your dental care streamlined and convenient for both patient and dentist. Digital x-ray technology is not only mastered with limited training, it requires much less maintenance than conventional systems. A dental staff can spend more time with each patient, rather than stocking film supplies and processing chemicals.

When it comes to comprehensive family dental care, Grateful Dental offers digital x-rays as well as other state-of-the-art dental services to ensure patients get the safe, effective and streamlined care they deserve.

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