Digital Dentistry

Generally speaking, digital dentistry is any technology or device that incorporates the use of computer-controlled components, instead of traditional, electrical or mechanical. This classification, provided by Dental Economics, is explained alongside a list of new-age digital technologies in dentistry today. Consider the following:

  • CAD/CAM imaging and intraoral cameras, controlled by a laboratory or clinician
  • Caries (Cavity) Diagnosis
  • Computer-aided Implant Dentistry, along with the computer design and fabrication of surgical guides and instructions
  • Digital Radiography – including Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
  • Electric and Surgical/Implant Handpieces
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Occlusion and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) analysis and diagnosis
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Patient Education, including practice and patient record management
  • Shade Matching Technology

The perpetual integration of new dental technologies continues to make patient care and dental treatments easier, faster and even enjoyable. Providing a clear advantage to patients, to be considered a true “win” in digital dentistry, the new technology or device must show improved efficiency in both cost and time. It must also prove to be more accurate than conventional methods, and it must demonstrate a high level of predictability in regards to outcome. This leads to the one major limitation of digital dentistry—cost.

Even so, when clinicians and dental professionals are adequately trained in new technologies and committed to educating patients, the adoption of new-age digital methods pays off for dentists and patients. As such, patients are equally involved in the transition to digital dental practices. One example is through digital communication methods using touch-screen computers and voice-activated software, along with 3-D video presentations and off-site consultations. Still to come, it’s projected that algorithms based on patient radiographs will be able to predict and diagnose dental cavities, which will further advance treatment.

Dr. Leia Porcaro is dedicated to providing dental treatments that improve a patient’s experience, as well as their final result. That’s why she remains committed to ongoing training and incorporating digital technologies at her Marietta practice, Grateful Dental. Ultimately, Dr. Porcaro believes that state-of-the-art methods and superior results go hand in hand.

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