Dental Technology: What Does It Mean To You?

Given the upsurge of advancements in dental technologies (i.e. non-invasive lasers, periodontal therapy, digital x-rays, cosmetic design software), dental practices are providing a new level of dental care—one that is safe, convenient, and far less invasive than previous therapies. Economically speaking, individuals in the United States are keeping their natural teeth longer, and periodontal (gum) disease and oral cancers are being detected earlier. Even so, as technological advancements in dentistry continue to unfold, what does it mean for you, the patient?

Providing an increased level of comfort, dental technologies are leading more and more patients to commit to better oral health. For instance, while lasers make it possible to detect and treat cavities in their earliest stage, they are far less invasive and threatening to patients with dental anxiety. At the same time, laser therapies are efficient, and most procedures can be performed in one visit. As a result, sophistications in dental technologies allow for better preventative and restorative care.

Though not as obvious, one benefit of dental technology is patient participation. For example, systems such as CEREC (chair-side technology for restorative dental treatments) and intraoral cameras provide a window into treatment. Patients are actively involved in planning and design, while 3D imaging software allows them to see how their teeth will look following treatment. In turn, chair-side technologies and milling units allow for advanced restorations (crowns, implants) to be fabricated on-site. This means that patients often receive their dental restorations the same day as their appointment.

Aside from comfort and patient participation, the wave of dental technologies promotes patient education and awareness. Patients respond to visual images that show them where they are likely to develop decay, for instance. Without question, this empowers patients to take an active role in oral health and prevention.

Comfortable and Personalized Dental Care

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