Dental Sealants: Prevention Power

Have you struggled with cavities your whole life? Or–are you noticing that more cavities are popping up as you age? Although most commonly recommended for children and teens, Dental Sealants can benefit anyone, at any age. As a highly effective approach, sealants act as a barrier to tooth decay, and are applied to the biting surfaces of back teeth. Thus, for many, Dental Sealants provide the prevention power needed to guard against cavities.

Dental Sealants consist of a thin plastic-like material that is essentially painted onto the surfaces of teeth. A simple and painless process, applying sealants only requires a few minutes. Dentists begin by cleaning the teeth, and making sure that the surface is very dry. To ensure that the sealant material bonds quickly and easily, an acid solution is applied to the tooth to “roughen” it.

While dental sealants serve as a powerful prevention against tooth decay and cavities, good oral care at home, as well as regular dental checkups are very important. It’s true–sealants are durable and believed to last up to 10 years, but it is possible for them to break down over time. Thus, regular dental checkups provide an opportunity for your dentist to check for wear and chipping of your sealants. In this case, replacing them is quick and easy.

As a powerful preventive measure against cavities, dental insurance companies often cover dental sealants. Therefore, if you’re considering dental sealants as part of your prevention plan, give Grateful Dental a call today.

As a Top Dentist in Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Leia Porcaro at Grateful Dental is equipped to treat all facets of your smile, at any stage of life. Dr. Porcaro values comprehensive dental care, and high quality preventative dentistry. If you are wondering how Dental Sealants can help you, we welcome your call today. You will feel at ease in the caring and supportive environment at Grateful Dental.

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