Dental Fillings

As a highly versatile restoration, dental fillings have been used for decades to fill in the diseased portion of teeth. In essence, when a patient has a cavity, the dentist removes the decayed material in the tooth and replaces it with a filling material. Even so, while the process of placing dental fillings is similar from practice to practice, the type of instruments used, as well as the type of filling may differ. What’s more is that the extent of decay or damage, along with the location of the tooth determines the methodology and approach used.

To better understand the process of how a dental filling is placed, consider a patient that has a molar with a cavity. The dentist will likely begin by applying a local anesthetic to numb the tissues surrounding the tooth. As noted by WebMD, the comfort and experience of the dentist will determine whether a drill will be used for the next step. Other options include an air abrasion instrument or laser. Either way, this step involves removing the decay.

Once the decay is removed, the dentist can better assess the extent of the damage caused by decay, and if it is near the root of the tooth. In this case, the dentist may opt to place a glass ionomer or resin liner to provide ample protection for the nerve before proceeding to fill in the rest of the space. Because there are many options for filling materials including tooth-colored composite resin, gold, porcelain and even plastic, dentists and patients alike have greater freedom and flexibility in choosing which filling material is best. As mentioned, the location of the tooth and the severity of decay certainly play into this decision. Yet, dentists must also consider the dental health history of the patient. In some cases, a more resolute material is needed if a patient has a history of teeth grinding, while aesthetics may be of high priority in other cases. Additionally, patients must take a look at the cost and insurance coverage.

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