Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a bright solution for a number of dental issues. Dental crowns are actually a tooth-shaped cap that fits over a tooth. Crowns are designed to restore a tooth’s shape and size, adding strength to weak teeth. Dental crowns can cover discolored teeth or teeth that are shaped irregularly; they can also be used as a cover for a dental implant.

In an effort to keep your teeth healthy and add confidence to your smile, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. Crowns are often used as an anchor to attach a dental bridge or crowns can help protect a week tooth or cover a cracked tooth that cannot be restored. Crowns can permanently correct many different dental problems.

Permanent crowns are made of different materials. There are metal crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, resin crowns, porcelain crowns, and ceramic crowns. Your dentist can determine the best solution for your dental needs and choose a crown that will repair or restore your dental issues. Metal crowns last the longest and rarely chip or break. They are best suited for molars that are out of sight. If you need a crown on a front tooth, your dentist may choose a porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin, porcelain or ceramic option, as all of these crown materials can be color matched to your surrounding teeth.

While waiting for your permanent crown which is made in a dental laboratory, your dentist will fit your tooth with a temporary acrylic or stainless steel crown,. Choose your dentist wisely when it comes to crowns; it is an art to fit a perfectly sized crown in your mouth. A properly shaped crown offers years of comfort, bright smiles and healthy teeth. If you have a dental problem or simply a smile that you don’t like, a crown may be a great solution to your dental woes. Ask your dentist if a dental crown is right for you.

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