Dental Care: Healthy Habits For The Holidays

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, not to mention the endless displays of desserts and drinks, many find it difficult to make healthy choices when it comes to their dental care. Even so, dental professionals urge patients to establish a few healthy habits so that they are not plagued with regret in the new year. Some of these are discussed below.

While you may be eating more often during November and December, being intentional about food choices is a great way to safeguard your oral health. For instance, if you have a brownie following a meal, opt for a glass of water instead of a sugary soda, juice or punch. While surveying the snack table, add some raw vegetables and fruits to your plate.

If you know that you are attending a holiday party, plan accordingly. While it’s okay to indulge in a few seasonal treats here and there, consider adding a little balance to your intake. If you would like a glass of wine or sweetened beverage, opt for a cheese snack instead of candy, cake or pie.

Be willing to devote a little extra time to your oral health regimen at home. Make sure that you’re using fluoride toothpaste with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Also, make sure that you are flossing regularly. Most importantly, make sure you remain consistent with your routine.

Is it time for your regular dental checkup? Though you might be tempted to put off your visit until the new year, remember that extra sugars and treats can cause plaque to build up on teeth. If not removed effectively, plaque hardens into tartar, which weakens teeth and puts them at risk for developing cavities. Thus, if it’s been some time since you’ve visited the dentist, or if your appointment is due in December, it’s worth the extra effort it takes to get there.

Protect Your Oral Health During The Holidays

Dr. Leia Porcaro continues to provide trusted dental care to families in Marietta and surrounding areas. With a focus on preventative dentistry, Dr. Porcaro empowers patients to protect their oral health during the holidays by calling Grateful Dental today. Furthermore, it’s important to utilize your dental benefits by December 31st! Call today!

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