Dental Bonding: An Easy Fix

Do you have uneven tooth edges? Something that is making you hide your smile may be a very simple fix. Whether your tooth was accidentally chipped or you were born with rough-edged teeth, dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment and an excellent way to help create a more perfect smile.

Dental bonding uses composite material to repair, rebuild and reshape the teeth. The cosmetic material is made to match your natural or existing tooth color and it fuses directly to your tooth enamel. Bonding is frequently used like a filler for patients who have small chips, short teeth or minor gaps. It instantly makes the tooth look fuller and more even. Many patients also find that their smile is also more functional. Smooth, even and symmetrical teeth can provide a more effective bite. Rest assured that the composite material used in bonding is durable and meant to last.

A dental bonding procedure can be performed in about an hour, with no pain or recovery involved. For a more dramatic smile improvement, patients can combine dental bonding with crowns, recontouring, veneers or whitening.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that is budget friendly and minimally invasive, yet it is one that can dramatically improve how confident you are in your smile. Grateful Dental is proud to help patients with a full range of cosmetic dental services so that each patient has a way to address their unique smile concerns.

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