Dealing With Your Child’s Dental Emergencies

For parents, the distress caused when your child experiences dental trauma may have you wondering what to do. What is a real dental emergency? Is there anything I can do to help my child? Below is a description of a few common dental emergencies in children, and some helpful advice for how to deal with them.


As a common dental complaint, a toothache may not appear as a serious dental concern. Yet, it shouldn’t be ignored. Depending on the age of the child, discomfort could stem from lodged food, or more serious issues such as fracture, decay, or wisdom teeth eruption (adolescents).

To ease your child’s pain, begin by cleansing the area with warm water. Resist the urge to medicate the gum tissues will oral gels or topical agents. If food is trapped, carefully remove it. Apply a cold compress to the affected area to guard against inflammation. It’s also a good idea to contact your dentist for additional advice.


A far more serious and panic-inducing emergency, an avulsion occurs when a tooth is completely knocked out. In this case, it’s imperative to contact your dentist without hesitation.

In the meantime, recover the knocked-out tooth, even if it’s a baby tooth. Do not touch the tooth’s root. Cleanse the tooth by rinsing it with water. If the tooth is permanent, you may attempt to gently press it back into the original socket. Remember, time is of the essence! In this case, emergency dental care is necessary.


When a tooth has been pushed into the jawbone, this is called intrusion. As with a dental avulsion, contacting the dentist immediately is recommended.

If your child experiences an intrusion, rinse his/her mouth with cold water, and apply ice packs around the affected area. You may offer Tylenol for pain relief. Bottom line–seek emergency care!


Particularly noted in toddlers, a “concussed” tooth is one that has been banged or knocked, causing it to change color. While this injury doesn’t usually require an emergency trip to the dentist, parents should contact the dentist immediately if the color of the tooth becomes very dark or black.

Grateful Dental understands that with every stage, children are susceptible to dental injuries, sometimes resulting in emergency care. If you have an emergency dental concern, call us today. We work to provide a level of comfort for parents and children that will have you feeling at ease about your treatment.

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