Convenient Same Day Dentistry with CEREC

Did you know? As a remarkable dental innovation, CEREC Same Day Dentistry continues to make dental restoration more precise and effective for dentists and patients alike. Even so, the greatest appeal regarding CEREC is its ability to provide same day services, eliminating the need to take multiple days off of work, schedule a series of dental visits, or wear unsightly temporary crowns. In one single visit, patients leave their dental office for a customized, natural-looking and durable restoration. As a result, more patients are seeking the convenient, same day dentistry that CEREC provides.

For many years, dentists were not able to create restorations “in office”. Yet, CEREC Technology incorporates a computerized design and milling system, so that restorations can be prepared and placed in a single visit. Generally, dentists will begin by preparing the tooth and removing any decay. Next, the dentist widens the tooth. Using a specialized CEREC 3-D camera, sophisticated images are taken of the tooth. Using CEREC’s design software, the images are uploaded, and patients may see a preview of their new restoration through the digital smile preview option. Once the color of the restoration has been chosen, the in-house milling machine comprises the new restoration, which consists of compressed porcelain.

While CEREC Same Day Dentistry presents an obvious benefit to patients on the go, not every patient is a suitable candidate for CEREC. For the most part, if you have been told that you need a crown, or an inlay or onlay, you may be a candidate. For example, if your tooth has been broken or chipped due to an injury or even decay, CEREC may be an effective option. In the case of a weakened tooth, same day dentistry using CEREC can add structure to your tooth, providing a layer of protection. Even so, CEREC may also be used to help patients avoid tooth extraction. Perhaps the most important consideration is that the tooth requiring restoration must have a healthy tooth root.

As a highly esteemed dentist in East Cobb, Dr. Leia Porcaro of Grateful Dental blends exceptional dental skill with compassionate, patient-centered care. Because Dr. Porcaro understands that everyone has busy lives, she proudly offers the extraordinary benefits of same day dentistry with CEREC. At Grateful Dental, we’re here to save you smile–and your time! Call today to learn more about CEREC and schedule your consultation with Dr. Porcaro.

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