CEREC One-Visit Dentistry – Top Quality Restorations With Convenience

As a leading-edge breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry, the benefit of CEREC technology is unsurpassed, as patients can receive a top quality restoration in one single visit. Thus, the convenience of CEREC not only allows patients to forego wearing temporary crowns, it awards them the ability to keep their schedule. In the same way, CEREC one visit dentistry allows dentists greater flexibility in scheduling, and it also protects and preserves a patient’s natural tooth structure.

For patients needing a dental crown, dentists begin by preparing the diseased tooth. This requires removing decay and widening the opening of the tooth. Using a specialized CEREC 3-D camera, images are taken that appear on a nearby computer screen. Planning and the overall design of the patient’s crown are dramatically improved with CEREC software. Every angle of the tooth is considered in the measurement and fabrication of the crown. When the new restoration is finalized, it is sent to an in-house milling machine (for approximately 20 minutes). Meanwhile, the patient and dentist work together to choose a color for the crown that will match the patient’s natural tooth color. Contrary to other crown restorations, which are comprised of layered porcelain, CEREC crowns are made using compressed porcelain, adding aesthetic appeal, strength and durability. What’s more is that they look and feel natural.

For almost anyone needing a ceramic or porcelain restoration, CEREC technology provides a beautiful result that restores the natural brilliance of their smile. Additionally, patients with dental anxiety have found treatment using CEREC rewarding, as it is minimally invasive methodology requiring fewer injections and less time in the dental chair.

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