Celiac Disease And Oral Health

Do you live with Celiac Disease? If so, you know that this autoimmune disease involves altering your diet, eliminating wheat. Yet, did you know that it might also require that you adjust your oral care regimen? Here’s what dentists want you to know about Celiac Disease and Oral Health.

Gastrointestinal issues are often associated with Celiac Disease. Acid reflux, also referred to as GERD, is one of the most common GI diseases. One symptom of GERD is occasional regurgitation, when acids from foods and beverages “bubble up” into the throat and mouth. This acid can damage tooth enamel, causing sensitivity and decay. Since GERD may be experienced in those with Celiac Disease, creating what dentists refer to as “celiac teeth,” good oral care is critical. Even so, there are other dental concerns linked to Celiac Disease. Consider the following:

Damage To Tooth Enamel

Dentists note that the appearance of tooth enamel as a result of Celiac Disease is distinct and may include poor development of the enamel, pitting (deep grooves), banding (discoloration), and teeth that look transparent. Damage due to Celiac Disease is irreversible, yet dentists can improve the look of teeth with restorative treatments.

Canker Sore And Mouth Ulcers

While acid may certainly wear away tooth enamel, it can also irritate the tissues in the mouth, causing canker sores and mouth ulcers. In patients with Celiac Disease, these are often experienced frequently, making them a chronic concern.

Dry Mouth

When there is a lack of saliva flow in the mouth, the risk of tooth decay is greater. This is because there is not enough saliva to wash away food particles and bacteria. Generally, in those with Celiac Disease, Dry Mouth is a common problem. Drinking plenty of water is vital, along with regular visits to the dentist to check for early signs of decay.

For those living with Celiac Disease, it’s important to understand that while your diet may require special attention, your oral health does as well.

Dr. Leia Porcaro at Grateful Dental passionately serves families in East Cobb and surrounding areas with superior dental care. With a focus on patient education and prevention, Dr. Porcaro is committed to helping patients make informed decisions about their oral health. She understands that oral health and overall health are closely related. If you are living with Celiac Disease, call Grateful Dental today to schedule your dental exam. You can have optimal oral health and a beautiful smile!

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