Can Your Child Benefit From Dental Sealants?

When it comes to preventing tooth decay and cavities in adolescent children, establishing a healthy routine of brushing and flossing is paramount. Yet, given the unique composition of back molars with their grooved areas, many children are not able to effectively remove food particles and bacteria. Thus, dental sealants have become a tried and true way to protect teeth from decay. As reported by Colgate, dental sealants provide the additional protection against pit and fissure decay, which is often associated with back teeth.

Also explained by Colgate, because many parents did not undergo dental sealants during their youth, they may wonder about the specific purpose of sealants and if their child can benefit from them. Along with a greater awareness and commitment to oral health, dental sealants provide a much-needed barrier against tooth decay as young children are learning how to care for their teeth and gums. In a single visit, the process of applying dental sealants is simple. Dentists begin by preparing the surface of a tooth with an acidic gel. This is done to ensure that the sealant material adheres to the tooth. Next, the material is painted onto the biting surface of the tooth, and resembles a clear plastic resin. As it hardens, the material is sealed using a blue light.

In regards to when dental sealants are placed and how many teeth are sealed, this depends partly on a child’s susceptibility to developing cavities. However, sealants serve an important preventative measure, and can even be applied to baby teeth that have deep fissures or grooves. Otherwise, they are most often applied to permanent teeth once they erupt above the gum line, and this is usually around age 7 for most children.

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At Grateful Dental in Marietta, GA, we welcome the opportunity to serve your family! When it comes to pediatric dental care, we believe that preventative care goes a long way in developing healthy habits and success for your child’s oral health. That’s why we proudly offer dental sealants as a way to prevent food particles from getting into the crevasses of back teeth and causing decay.

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