Can Tooth Colored Fillings Improve My Smile?

If you’ve been to the dentist lately and needed to have a cavity filled, your dentist most likely offered you the option of a composite filling or an amalgam filling. There was a time when dentists only offered silver (or amalgam) fillings exclusively. Although durable and completely safe, sliver fillings are slowly becoming a thing of the past as the most common material used today in fillings is composite, tooth-colored fillings. Dentists and patient’s alike love that composite fillings can be made to match any shade of tooth, helping to improve your smile while effectively restoring your tooth.

Composite fillings are great in many different scenarios. First and foremost, when filling a cavity composite filling seemingly erase the imperfection of decay. If your dentist matches the color of your composite well, it’s almost as if you never had a cavity. Composite material even allows light to go through the tooth like a natural tooth.

Dentists use composite fillings for other things than filling cavities. A composite filling can help reshape teeth and minimize gaps or spacing issues. As an alternative to braces, composite material is sometimes used to fix a large space between the two front teeth. This cost effective, non invasive procedure can improve and alter your smile for a considerable amount less than other cosmetic or orthodontic options.

Do you have discoloration or imperfections in your smile? Composite material can safely and effectively be used to help cover or mask this condition on your teeth. A skilled dental professional like Dr. Leia Porcaro can use composite material to help with a number of different dental dilemmas. You can trust your smile to the effective results achieved with composite fillings. This popular dental material gives a near perfect match to the appearance of natural tooth enamel, so no one ever has to know that your beautiful smile has been altered.

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