Can Dental Implants Fail?

As a reliable long-term method for replacing teeth, Dental Implants have changed the face of restorative dentistry. With high success rates over 95% at the 10-year mark, one may question: What happens in the small percentage of cases that do not go so well? In other words, can Dental Implants fail? To better understand, let’s take a look at what makes dental implants successful.

Dental Implants: Success!

Without a doubt–successful dental implant procedures require careful planning. Skilled surgeons, along with an implant team, will take a complete medical history, which includes noting all medications (prescription, over the counter, and supplements). In addition, specialized scans and pictures are taken to assess the condition of the jawbone. Nerves, blood vessels and sinus cavities must be taken into consideration as well, to determine the position of the implants and how many are necessary. The type of dental restoration (crowns, bridges, or dentures) that will be applied after the procedure must also be determined.

While titanium used for dental implants has the unique ability to encourage living bone to attach and grow onto it through Osseo-integration, the success of dental implants may be hindered if this process is disrupted.

When Things Go Wrong

Generally, when dental implant procedures go wrong, it’s almost always due to bone quality. This includes volume and density of the bone, which affects the body’s ability to heal as well as the bone’s ability to attach to the titanium post, or implant. Yet, it’s important to know that there are overall health conditions and habits that may contribute to poor bone health. For instance, those with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, or those who smoke are at greater risk for dental implant failure.

Careful and Comprehensive Dentistry

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