BruxZir Full Arch Implant Dentures: Ultimate Durability and Function

Perhaps the most common complaint in regards to wearing dentures is that they simply do not fit comfortably. Thus, it’s easy to understand why many denture-wearers feel less than confident speaking, eating, and even smiling. While dentures may need a repair or a reline, patients in need of a full-arch restoration are discovering that ultimate durability and function can be achieved with the revolutionary.

Comprised of 100% solid Zirconia, the BruxZir full-arch implant denture is a fixed solution that significantly improves speech and patients’ ability to chew, as it is attached to dental implants. As a type of implant retained denture, the BruxZir offers benefits beyond stability and functionality. For instance, patients needn’t worry about denture adhesives or sticky pastes and powders. Patients can also enjoy their favorite foods again, while avoiding embarrassing moments at the dinner table. Yet, another notable benefit of implant supported dentures is that the shape and structure of the patient’s face is maintained, because the remaining bone in the patient’s jaw is stimulated and preserved. Without question, there is a youthful aspect to implant supported dentures as they restore the fullness in the lips and around the mouth that is lost with age.

When patients choose the BruxZir Solid Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Dentures, they are choosing an optimal implant retained denture solution. Not only does the biocompatible material match the color and translucency of the patient’s natural teeth, it is completely resistant to fractures, chips, and stains, which are common problems experienced with acrylic-based dentures. With 3D advanced imaging techniques, the BruxZir Implant Dentures are meticulously designed and customized to fit. For dental professionals and patients alike, the dental implant process is predictable from beginning to end, and patients can feel confident about their investment.

Excellence and Patient Satisfaction

At Grateful Dental, Dr. Leia Porcaro continues to lead with excellence, providing solutions for patients that they can be satisfied with for years to come. With high quality preventative, general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry for all ages, patients find that Grateful Dental is a supportive and caring environment for all of their dental needs. If you have questions about the BruxZir Full Arch Implant Denture solution or implant retained dentures, your call is welcome at Grateful Dental today.

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