Black Triangles In Your Smile

Are you bothered by the appearance “black triangles” in your smile? In most cases, these dark spaces form between your teeth are a result of gingival (gum) recession or resorption of the gum tissues between your teeth. Black triangles can form on the upper or lower teeth. To fix black triangles or other cosmetic dental concerns, you should consult with your dentist.

The first and foremost step to address black triangles is to let your dentist evaluate you for the presence of active or ongoing gum disease. If your periodontal disease is not managed properly, your black triangle condition will just worsen. Gum disease is the primary cause of gum recession that causes black triangles.

Some patients may find that their black triangles are a result of a labial frenum attachment. In other words, the ligament that attaches the upper lip against your gums could be inhibiting a normal gum line and causing dark spaces between your teeth. Minor gum surgery may be needed to reposition your frenum attachment and improve black triangles. Gum grafting or contouring is also an option. A gum graft can improve gum recession if you have enough supporting bone structure.

Most patients, however, who have black triangles and who have stable gum disease will find that cosmetic dental bonding is the best solution. An experienced cosmetic dentist can use composite resin to build out the adjacent teeth and close the black triangle gap. You can trust Grateful Dental to provide top quality dental bonding that will fix your black triangles, yet retain your natural tooth in shape, color and form.

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