Benefits of Dental Bridges

While dental bridges are not the only solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring the overall structure of an individual’s mouth, they provide enormous benefits in a number of cases.

Generally, dental bridges are secured in the mouth by two crowns that are placed on attachments called abutment teeth, which are located on each side of a gap in a patient’s mouth. A pontic tooth joins the two crowns and fills in the gap. From gold, silver, porcelain and porcelain-fused metals, bridges can be constructed from several materials. Their aesthetic quality coupled with their ability to enhance the function of teeth is why dental bridges remain a tried and true dental restoration.

News Medical explains that in terms of function, dental bridges allow individuals to eat and chew normally, as there is no longer a gap in the jaw, and the bridge can help in the mastication of food. In terms of appearance, dental bridges can compensate for the loss of a person’s original teeth, particularly when the bridge is designed in color to match surrounding teeth. Without question, this improves an individual’s self-esteem.

Aside from functional and aesthetic benefits, dental bridges provide long-term structural stability for the mouth. For instance, imagine that a person doesn’t seek treatment for their missing teeth. Over time, a gap or space in the jaw causes remaining teeth to shift and move out of position. Furthermore, as teeth spread out, the individual will begin experiencing problems with their bite, including bone loss in their jaw. Yet, replacing missing teeth with a customized dental bridge that fits securely is a way to avoid problems associated with an uneven bite, while also reducing the risk of bone loss. Finally, as dental bridges maintain facial structure, many claim that they generate a youthful appearance.

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