Back to School Snacks that are Good for Your Child’s Teeth!

When it comes to choosing snacks for kids at school most people want to send a tasty treat that will help them make it through the long day away from home. Like many parents you may want to pick a healthy option that tastes great and is good for their teeth. When it comes to snacks, there are definitely certain foods that dentists recommend more than others to help maintain good oral health. Here are the top snacks that are good for your child and good for their teeth! Many pre-packaged snacks are full of cavity causing ingredients that can hurt your children’s teeth.

Cheese: Cheese has protein and calcium so it helps the teeth and keeps your kids energy level high throughout the day. Cheese can be cut into fun shapes, or cheese sticks, cubes or slices. You can add cheese together with other snacks as well for a healthy, fun, filling snack for any student.

Peanut Butter: PB is a great snack if your child has no issues with peanut allergies. This all time favorite is becoming prohibited in the classroom setting because of the growing number of allergy issues. If however your child likes peanut butter and can bring it, bring it on! Peanut butter is chocked with protein and fiber and can be spread on anything from crackers, to sandwiches, even on fruits or veggies.

Baked treats: Homemade baked goods can be filled with goodness and your kids don’t even have to know. There are tons of recipes out there for cookies, muffins and breads that will have your kids eating fruits and veggies that they don’t even know they are eating.

Yogurt: Frozen, in tubes or small disposable cups, yogurt is a calcium and protein rich food that is good for your bones and your teeth.

Sweet Potato Chips: Homemade or store bought, these tasty treats give kids a crunchy treat filled with vitamins and folate. Try making these at home to eliminate preservatives found in store bought chips.

Hummus: This fun dip made from chick peas is great to send as a dip alternative with vegetables or pretzels. It is thick so it is not as messy as other dips and it has iron, folate and vitamin B6.

Cut Vegetables: All veggies are good to eat raw like carrots, celery, snow peas, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, asparagus and zucchini or squash. The earlier you introduce your child to chilled cut veggies the more likely they are to eat them as a fun and healthy snack.

Remember to encourage your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day rather than juices or soft drinks to proper hydration and optimal health.

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