Avoid the Gooey, Chewy, Sticky Stuff . . .

Halloween is quickly approaching and as much as we wish our kids would avoid the mouthfuls of candy that will adorn their teeth, it seems inevitable to prevent all the bad stuff from entering their mouths and little bodies. Believe it or not, not all candy is created equal.There are certain candies and treats that cause more problems, cavities and tooth decay than most when it comes to the teeth!

It is really plain and simple, if you or your children have cavity prone teeth you should avoid the gooey, chewy, sticky stuff.One of the worst offenders (but ohhhhhhhhh so good) is caramels. Treats that stick to the teeth like caramels, gummy bears, taffy, even dried fruit leave teeth coated in sugar for longer periods of time. Remember, the stickier the candy, the worse it is for your teeth.

Halloween favorites like candy corn are a no-no! This cute little confection is chocked full of acid producing sugar which attacks your teeth. Another sought after Halloween treat are the “sour” versions of chewy candies, unfortunately sour candies have a high acid levels that damage tooth enamel.

Hard candies are another culprit in the fight against tooth decay. Anything that is left in your mouth for an extended period of time prolongs the length of time that sugar is coating your teeth. Jawbreakers are another problematic hard candy, where they may not actually break your jaw, they can crack and break a tooth!

If you want to choose the best candy for your teeth this Halloween and holiday season, stick to good old chocolate bars. Chocolate melts quickly. Dark chocolate even has anti-inflammatory properties that can be good for your teeth. Sugar free candies, gum and lollipops are good for your mouth and teeth. These types of candies promote an increase of saliva that aids in cleaning away harmful bacteria.

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