Attention Migraine Sufferers . . .

Are migraine headaches something that plagues your health? If you suffer from migraine’s you may grind your teeth in your sleep and you may not even know it. Teeth grinding or bruxism can cause a number of health problems including migraine headaches. Most people attribute other symptoms and problems like muscle pain, TMJ pain, loose teeth and extreme tooth wear with grinding, but migraine’s are also a side effect of this troublesome problem. If you suffer from migraine problems, there may be hope, and that hope could possibly be found in the dentist’s chair.

Teeth grinding or clenching may be a problem that you don’t even know you have, however your spouse or partner may know all about it. Often times your bed mate can hear you grinding or clenching your teeth. Ask them if they have ever been woken up by the sound of grinding teeth? Custom fitting night guards made by your dentist can greatly reduce the side effects of teeth grinding and may be able to help with your migraines. These simple night guards are designed to be worn while sleeping. If you are a tooth grinder, a custom fitted night guard will help more than just your migraines. If migraines are bothering you, ask your dentist if your teeth show signs of grinding or clenching.

In a recent study by one type of night guards 82% of migraine sufferers reported improvement in their migraines and 77% had a reduction in migraine events! Don’t let a migraine prevent you from living the life you were destined for. If you are a migraine sufferer ask your dentist if teeth grinding could be a contributing factor to your problems.

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