Are You Eating for a Healthy Smile?

What you put into your body undoubtedly affects how it looks and functions. While you may be aware of how your diet impacts your heart, your stomach or your energy levels, you should also know that nutrition plays a large role in your oral health too. In fact, there are certain foods that can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums as well as those that boost your smile’s appearance and health. Are your teeth happy with what you are eating?

The Mission of Prevention

At Grateful Dental, we put preventative dental care as a top priority. If there is anything we can do to help our patients avoid painful, costly or unsightly dental problems, we want to do it. While our menu of preventative services includes routine dental cleanings, advanced imaging, periodontal therapy and much more, we also value the importance of educating our patients on what they can do outside of our office to improve their oral health. It can be as simple as being mindful of the foods you put in your mouth.

The Foods that Improve Dental Health

Many patients have been told about the foods they should avoid if they want to keep a healthy smile, such as hard candies and high-sugared snacks. However, there are also some food choices that you can make that are not only safe for your teeth but improve them as well. A few small adjustments to your diet could make a significant difference in both the health and appearance of your teeth.

Ready to unlock a better smile? Consider these five foods that are known for healing your oral health:

#1 – Cheese

Say “cheese” for a healthy smile! Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and protein, which work to build up the outer layer of your teeth or your dental enamel. The stronger your dental enamel, the less susceptible your teeth are to tooth decay.

The benefits of cheese go even further. Not only does this dairy product have a neutral pH level, but it is known for stimulating saliva production. The more spit you have in your mouth, the better sugars and other harmful substances get rinsed away from your teeth. Cheese can help you avoid bacteria growth and plaque accumulation in your mouth!

#2 – Yogurt

Yogurt is another great dairy product that offers an abundance of calcium and protein. Yogurt also has the unique benefit of providing probiotics to your mouth and body, which aids in healthy digestion as well as healthy teeth and gums by fighting off bad bacteria in your mouth.

#3 – Apples

A crisp apple is refreshing to your taste buds as well as nutritious to your mind and body. But did you know that the act of eating an apple can also be beneficial to your teeth? The texture of this fruit combined with the fibrous skin on the apple can scrub away plaque and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and gums as you chomp!

#4 – Celery

Celery is another food that can act like nature’s toothbrush. Celery is especially fibrous, but it is also packed with vitamin A and vitamin C. These vitamins are needed and appreciated by your oral soft tissues, or the gums that make up the foundation of your smile. Keep in mind that these fibrous fruits and veggies can scrape away plaque as well as surface stains on your teeth so that you can enjoy a more attractive smile too!

#5 – Almonds

Prefer to snack on nuts? Consider almonds. You’ll reap their content of protein and calcium without the extra sugars that can sabotage the health of your pearly whites.

Grateful Dental is Here to Care for Your Smile

Want to learn more about which foods can help (or harm) your smile? We’ve got you covered. Grateful Dental loves educating families on how they can take care of their teeth and gums in between dental visits. Speaking of dental visits, have you had one in the last six months? If not, call our Marietta office today to schedule your routine dental cleaning!

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