Are All Dentures The Same?

If you’re beginning to look into Dentures, you’re probably discovering a lot of information. Based on what you’re reading, you may be wondering, “Are all Dentures the same?” The answer is a resounding NO! Despite the millions of individuals that wear dentures, this is one of several common misconceptions. That’s why dental professionals urge patients–if you are in the market for dentures, keep an open mind and speak to your dentist about the amazing benefits that modern dentures can bring.

What You Shouldn’t Believe About Dentures:

  • They Will Last Forever. Contrary to what you may read or hear, dentures are made of materials that can break or chip, just like a pair of glasses. They may also need to be relined at some point. Thus, dentures require special care, just like natural teeth!
  • It’s Difficult To Eat While Wearing Dentures. It’s true–denture wearers may have a few restrictions when it comes to foods that they can eat. Yet, they shouldn’t have trouble eating, especially with advancements regarding the way that dentures fit.
  • It Will Be Obvious To Everyone That I’m Wearing Dentures: Most patients that receive dentures today find that they are incredibly pleasing and more natural looking than ever. While they are not without fault, dentures that fit properly will not click or shift. In the event that they do, it is probably time for a reline.
  • Dentures Are Expensive. Did you know? The belief that dentures are expensive is one major reason why many dismiss the idea of getting them. It’s important to understand that replacing missing teeth, through any procedure, is an investment in your oral health. In turn, it is also an investment in one’s overall health. Dental professionals warn patients–do not fall for cheap dentures, because you get what you pay for.
  • Dental Checkups Are No Longer Necessary After Getting Dentures: If you are considering wearing dentures, you should know–dental checkups are absolutely necessary! A dental examination is much more than an inspection of your teeth and how well you care for them. The oral cavity provides dentists with vital information concerning your oral and overall health. Often, dental professionals are the first to detect the earliest signs of disease or infection. The bottom line is–it’s too risky not to visit the dentist, whether you wear dentures or not.

As a Top Dentist in Marietta, Dr. Leia Porcaro at Grateful Dental proudly serves patients in and around the Atlanta area comprehensive dentistry suited to meet each patient’s needs and goals. Dr. Porcaro understands that information regarding dentures is often misconstrued. That’s why she focuses on spending ample time with patients, helping them discover the truth about how dentures can benefit them.

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