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What To Look For In A Dentist

Dr. Leia Porcaro of Grateful Dental in Marietta GAAs part of a renewed commitment to oral health, many individuals are looking for a new dentist in the New Year. Yet, with a dentist on every corner, which is best for you? As explained by the

Implant Supported Dentures

Dentist Consulting with Young Female PatientWhile traditional dentures rest on the gums, an implant-supported denture is an overdenture, meaning that it is placed over or attached to dental implants. In turn, the dental implants provide superior support for the denture. For individuals…

Heart Disease and Oral Health

Woman Smiling Looking Over Back of CouchWith an increased emphasis on the connection between oral health and overall health, it’s no surprise that oral health is now specifically linked to heart disease. Individuals at risk include those with moderate to advanced gum disease, as the spread…

Chipped Tooth Repair

Woman Holding Her Jaw with Tooth PainThere are countless ways in which a tooth can become damaged or chipped, from biting down on something hard to falling or receiving a blow to the face, as explained by Read More

Are Your Gums Receding?

Dental Tools with Set of TeethFirmly attached to each tooth, gingival tissues or “gums” provide much needed protection for the roots of teeth. Gum tissues are dense, with a good supply of blood vessels beneath a moist surface called the mucous membrane, as explained by

Dry Mouth

Woman SmilingPerhaps you’ve noticed a dry, sticky feeling in your mouth, or maybe you have trouble swallowing because your throat feels dry and itchy. Though it’s common to experience dry mouth when one is nervous or under pressure, having a dry mouth on a regular basis is detrimental to a person’s…

When You Have A Toothache

Woman in Dentist Grabiing Her Jaw in Pain Marietta GADo you experience pain in or around your tooth? Perhaps your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Maybe you’ve even noticed a strange taste in your mouth. When individuals experience these and other symptoms, there’s a good chance that…

The Idea Behind Dental Tourism

Patient in Dental Chair Shaking Hands with Dentist Marietta GAWhile modern advancements in dentistry allow patients of all ages to experience painless treatments and procedures, the mere thought of going to the dentist leaves some feeling anxious and worried. As estimated, four out of…

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Katesha green

Had a great visit! Janice was a pleasure and Dr. Porcaro was very personable. They both made me feel at ease. The doctors husband (can’t remember his name) was able to find the best financing to fit our budget. I would definitely recommend Grateful Dental to my friends and family.


Very professional place ! Scheduling appointments can be done quickly and very easily online. Clean and updated office. All the staffs are very friendly. Never have to wait long for my appointment. My cleaning went well today and a big thank you to Terra. She is the best!

sharon quadir

I have always had a pleasant experience at each visit. The wait time is not long at all . They make sure that the patient are always comfortable. So thank you Grateful Dental for your services.

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