5 Reasons Why Adults Love Six Month Smiles

Most adults who could benefit from orthodontics are not concerned with their bite. Instead, they are commonly bothered by the way their misaligned teeth threaten the appearance of their smile. This often means that the front visible teeth are the only teeth in question. If you are an adult who can relate to being self-conscious about crooked or gapped front teeth, there is a preferred orthodontic solution that may be available to you. The best part – it doesn’t require endless months in metal braces!

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment designed to give adults the discretion, convenience, comfort and affordability they deserve in braces. Six Month Smiles involves wearing clear braces on just the teeth that show when you smile. In doing so, this orthodontic treatment won’t correct a bad bite. However, it can realign the front teeth with much less time and expense compared to traditional braces. For most adults, this is exactly what they have been looking for!

Here’s 5 Good Reasons to Choose Six Month Smiles

#1 Addresses Most Orthodontic Issues

Most adults with crooked or gapped teeth qualify for Six Month Smiles. The most common orthodontic issues that can be treated with Six Month Smiles are crooked front teeth, extrusions, rotations and intrusions. However, this proven treatment option is also effective in correcting spacing issues as overbites, open bites and overlapping teeth.

#2 Comfortable to Wear

Because Six Month Smiles is uniquely designed to correct the appearance of your front teeth, the brackets are fewer and only a gentle force is used to move your teeth.  In general, patients experience much less soreness and irritation compared to traditional braces with no risk of damaging the tooth roots.

#3 More Discreet

As an adult, it is not always desirable to flash a mouth full of metal braces. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or corporate professional, we understand that you want a less obvious option when it comes to wearing braces. You’ll be glad to know that Six Month Smiles involves clear brackets and wires so that most people won’t even notice that you have them on!

#4 Easier to Clean

Oral hygiene can become a challenge with traditional brackets and wires. With Six Month Smiles, there are fewer teeth that have braces. Therefore, you can perform brushing and flossing with less obstacles to ensure you get the job done well. Not to mention, you’ll only be wearing braces for six months, so there is little time for bacteria, plaque and stains to set in and cause problems.

#5 Quicker Treatment Time

Just as its name reveals, Six Month Smiles is one of the quickest treatment options in orthodontics. In fact, it is considered a “short term orthodontics” and results are typically achieved in just six months. Keep in mind that the average treatment time for traditional braces is 2-3 years!

What You Can Expect at Grateful Dental

At Grateful Dental, we are proud to be a qualified Six Month Smiles provider. For patients who are interested, we will conduct a short consultation followed by an oral exam and x-rays. If you qualify, we will then gather precise measurements of your teeth and bite so that we can prepare your Six Month Smiles treatment plan. At your very next appointment, we can typically put your clear braces on. Afterwards, you’ll only need to see us about every 4-5 weeks for adjustments along the way.

Before you concede to treatment, however, we will go over specific guidelines for wearing Six Month Smiles to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Just like traditional braces, you will be asked to avoid hard and sticky foods that may damage your brackets.

Contact a Six Month Smiles Provider in Marietta

Have more questions about Six Month Smiles? We’d love to answer them. Getting a straight and beautiful smile as an adult may not be as bad as you thought. If time, discomfort and embarrassment have kept you from getting braces in the past, we invite you to consider the benefits of Six Month Smiles at Grateful Dental in Marietta. We can even show you before and after pictures of patients just like you to boost your confidence in moving forward.

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