3D Dental Imaging and Computer Guided Technology: Power Of Predictability

Revolutionizing restorative and cosmetic dentistry, 3D Dental Imaging and Computer Guided Technology gives dental professionals the power of predictability over a wide range of treatments and procedures. While this give dentists and patients a better experience overall, it provides benefits beyond reducing risks and eliminating costs. When it comes to precision, accuracy, and success, 3D dental imaging and computer-guided technology provides a significant advantage at every stage of treatment.


Using a 3D scan, the dental anatomy of a patient can be viewed from several different angles. This is important, because it enables the dentist to accurately measure specific structures, such as roots and canals. Fractures are also easier to determine, as well as positions of teeth. Thus, in the planning phase of dental treatment, 3D imaging increases the possibility of success by giving dental professionals a clear image of what to expect during extractions, root canals, or even dental implants.

While 3D imaging increases predictability, it also provides fast and consistent imaging scans that are consistent and reliable. This is particularly helpful in cases where dentists are unsure which treatment or procedure is most appropriate for a patient. Because anatomical details are highly evident in a 3D scan, dentists do not have to second-guess their decision to move forward with specific treatments or cases. In turn, patients feel more confident and comfortable.

Once the most appropriate treatment has been determined, 3D imaging, along with computer-guided technology, is used as a surgical guide. For instance, when placing dental implants, 3D technology helps map out the exact placement of the implant. While this saves time, the impact on the patient is low. As an extraordinary benefit, patients with inadequate bone structure for dental implants have a chance for implant success using 3D computer-guided technology. For example, dentists can make adjustments “virtually,” even repositioning the implant length.

Advanced Dentistry

At Grateful Dental in Marietta, Dr. Leia Porcaro enjoys delivering advanced dentistry using 3D Dental Imaging. She believes that optimal oral health is better achieved with tools that make treatment comfortable and predictable. If you have questions about dental technology and how it may be used for your treatment, call Grateful Dental today. We are happy to speak with you.

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