3 Reasons to Choose a Dentist with CEREC Technology

When a tooth gets damaged beyond what a simple dental filling can repair, a dental crown is often the chosen solution. Dental crowns are very common, as they can strengthen and restore a tooth that has suffered a significant fracture, advanced decay or root canal therapy. Crowns are also used as implant restorations to act as a prosthetic tooth. They encase all sides of an affected tooth with a natural-looking and highly durable restoration. After a crown is placed, the tooth can function and be cared for like a real tooth going forward. Not all dental crowns are the same, however. There are various products, materials and technology that can be used to fabricate your custom crown.

The CEREC Crown Difference

CEREC technology has changed the way dentists deliver dental crowns. This advanced CAD/CAM system creates beautiful custom crowns in just one office visit. Finding a same-day crown dentist can help you avoid the hassle that standard dental crowns involve, which typically means a two-week wait period, wearing an uncomfortable temporary crown and undergoing messy impressions to take your crown measurements.

Here are three leading reasons why patients prefer CEREC technology when getting a dental crown:

#1 Your CEREC Crown Is Made While You Wait

The same day you go in to be fitted for a dental crown is the same day you’ll walk away with your permanent crown restoration. This unrivaled convenience is the highlighted benefit of CEREC technology, as we know that patients have work hours, family obligations and other commitments that they need to keep. Instead of two office visits and a two-week wait period, CEREC crowns are fabricated while you sit in the dental chair using modern imaging, a 3D computer-crafted model and a high-tech milling machine.

#2 Your CEREC Crown is Permanent

CEREC crowns eliminate the need for temporary dental crowns, which are the sub-par version of a real crown and known for their discomfort and poor fit. This can make that two-week waiting period seem like an eternity until you get your permanent crown. With CEREC, your permanent crown is fabricated right from the start using a sophisticated milling machine and ceramic block. No waiting period and no temporary crowns means a permanent solution in the quickest time possible.

#3 Your CEREC Crown is More Comfortable!

It is imperative that a dental crown fit precisely. If not, you can suffer discomfort or pain when biting, chewing or even speaking. In addition, food debris can slip under a poorly fitted crown and wreak havoc on the underlying tooth. Not only does CEREC technology offer faster dental crowns, but it also does it with better precision and comfort. When getting a same-day crown, a model or impression of your teeth is taken digitally instead of with a thick, gooey mold that makes you gag. Digital impressions are much more detailed and accurate, which not only means a more pleasant experience at the dental office but also a more comfortable fit for your permanent dental crown. Once your CEREC crown is placed, it is shaped until it is a seamless fit and offers a stronger yet natural-looking tooth.

Call a CEREC Crown Dentist in Marietta

Whether you’ve broken a tooth, just had a root canal or need an implant restoration for a missing tooth, a dental crown can save the day. However, when considering a restoration for your smile, why not choose the best that modern dentistry has to offer. CEREC technology has certainly changed the face of restorative dentistry. This single state-of-the-art system can make your dental procedure more comfortable, more accurate and more efficient than ever before.

Not every dentist is equipped and qualified to offer CEREC Same Day Crowns. At Grateful Dental, we are proud to be one who does. We believe in giving patients the most superior care using advanced technologies and techniques whenever possible. When it comes to your custom dental crown, we invite you to consider the remarkable benefits of choosing CEREC technology!

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