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Your Teen's Teeth

We talk frequently about dental health for young children and adults, but what about teens? Teenagers face their own set of unique dental concerns that must not be overlooked. The balancing act of school, social activities and sports can make it extra challenging to tend to your child's teeth, especially when you are trying to let your teen be responsible for their own hygiene. However, making sure…

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

If you have a college-aged child, chances are good that they have had their wisdom teeth extracted or will have their wisdom teeth extracted in the near future. In fact, many college kids elect to have this oral surgery while they are home for Thanksgiving break. That way, they can get treated by their regular dentist or oral surgeon and get cared for by Mom and Dad.

Wisdom teeth extraction…

Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is still a common problem faced by many American children, teenagers and adults, despite advances in oral hygiene education and dental technology. This is unfortunate as tooth decay is a leading cause of tooth failure and tooth loss. So, how can we prevent this serious dental health problem?…

Back to School Snacks that are Good for Your Child's Teeth!

When it comes to choosing snacks for kids at school most people want to send a tasty treat that will help them make it through the long day away from home. Like many parents you may want to pick a healthy option that tastes great and is good for their teeth. When it comes to snacks, there are definitely certain foods that dentists recommend more than others to help maintain good oral health. Here…

When Will My Child Lose Their Teeth?

Are you a planner? If you are tired of wondering when your child will lose their baby teeth, this blog is for you! Anyone who has a child between six months and three years old knows all about teething. Teething certainly is not the most pleasant experience for kids (or parents, for that matter). Cutting teeth causes mild discomfort, headaches and fevers on some occasions. We feel confident that…

Kid Incentive for Teeth Brushing

In the day and age of "everyone gets a trophy, and nobody loses", you may be asking yourself, "Why in the world should I give my kids incentives for brushing their teeth?" Truth is good oral health and a strong, confident smile is probably one of the most important things you can give your child, so why not make brushing fun and interesting. Finding a dental practice that offers Read More

Tips to Help Prevent Tooth Decay in Young Children

When it comes to your child's teeth, it's never too early to start preventing tooth decay.  First and foremost it's important to lead by example.  Taking care of your own oral and dental health promotes healthy and positive habits that your children will mirror.  According…

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Katesha green

Had a great visit! Janice was a pleasure and Dr. Porcaro was very personable. They both made me feel at ease. The doctors husband (can’t remember his name) was able to find the best financing to fit our budget. I would definitely recommend Grateful Dental to my friends and family.


Very professional place ! Scheduling appointments can be done quickly and very easily online. Clean and updated office. All the staffs are very friendly. Never have to wait long for my appointment. My cleaning went well today and a big thank you to Terra. She is the best!

sharon quadir

I have always had a pleasant experience at each visit. The wait time is not long at all . They make sure that the patient are always comfortable. So thank you Grateful Dental for your services.

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