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Marietta GA OrthodontistAs the study of the structure, function and diseases of the oral cavity, stomatology is an interchangeable term with oral medicine, depending on the country. Though the United States does not currently recognize stomatology or oral medicine as dental specialties,…

What Is A Granular Cell Tumor?

Marietta GA DentistWith the ability to manifest on any area of the body, a Granular Cell Tumor (Abrikossoff tumor) typically forms in various places on the head and neck, with a large percentage (70%) developing on the tongue. Because bumps and lumps are commonly found inside the mouth, however, individuals…

Understanding Dental Crowns And Bridges

Marietta GA General DentistryDentists recommend dental crowns and bridges for a variety of reasons, from protecting weakened or fractured teeth, to covering a dental implant or as a replacement…

Your Child’s Oral Health—Harmful Habits You Should Know About

Marietta GA Pediatric DentistMost parents agree that parenting is a never-ending commitment to promoting the health of their little ones (and big ones), along with fostering skills that will last a lifetime. In essence, this begins before children are born, with regular screenings, checkups…

Preventative Dentistry

Marietta GA Dentist near Powers Ferry RoadIn speaking of preventative dentistry, it encompasses education, treatment and practice, as they pertain to one’s teeth and gums. This includes daily brushing and flossing, as well as

What Are The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Over the past few decades, advancements in dentistry have made undergoing dental treatments easy and comfortable. Yet, many individuals continue to skip regular dental checkups for one main reason—fear. This is often due to a dental experience in the past that was frightening or painful. Even…

Gum Recession: Causes and Treatment

Marietta GA DentistWhile gum recession is a common oral health concern, it can turn into a big problem if not addressed. It can also lead to severely sensitive teeth, as a portion of the root becomes exposed. To better understand the causes of gum recession, as well as options for treatment, continue reading…

What Does Acid Reflux Mean For Your Oral Health?

Marietta GA DentistsBecause the most common symptom associated with acid reflux is heartburn, many are surprised to learn that one of the first signs of the disease is dental erosion on an individual’s back teeth. To better understand, GERD, or Gastrointestinal reflux disease occurs when…

Six Month Smiles

Marietta GA Straighter Teeth in Just Six MonthsThough conventional means of straightening teeth with metal braces remains a popular and effective orthodontic treatment, some patients are put off by longer treatment times, not to mention aesthetics. That’s why the idea of  Read more | Comments (0) | Feb 06, 2018

Beyond Conventional: CEREC Same Day Crowns

Marietta GA Dental Crowns in One DayPerhaps one of the most patient-friendly dental restoration systems, CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) represents the ultimate in digital dentistry technology. Thus,…

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Katesha green

Had a great visit! Janice was a pleasure and Dr. Porcaro was very personable. They both made me feel at ease. The doctors husband (can’t remember his name) was able to find the best financing to fit our budget. I would definitely recommend Grateful Dental to my friends and family.


Very professional place ! Scheduling appointments can be done quickly and very easily online. Clean and updated office. All the staffs are very friendly. Never have to wait long for my appointment. My cleaning went well today and a big thank you to Terra. She is the best!

sharon quadir

I have always had a pleasant experience at each visit. The wait time is not long at all . They make sure that the patient are always comfortable. So thank you Grateful Dental for your services.

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